Consumers Suing Lax Retailers, post-EMV. Plus: Baseball

In another sign of how the responsibility for data security — and the liability for same — is shifting, Payments Source reports that “merchants are facing consumer…

Let AVPS Help Your Payment Processing Grow With You

However, how do you know what equipment you need, or how it will integrate into your day-to-day operations? Whether you need on-site solutions, mobile processing utilities, or payment…

Small World, After All: The Effects of Card Use on Global Economies

“Greater worldwide card use raises a number of questions.” We would concur, and in fact say that wanting to answer those questions for you, and your business…

Do You Use Mobile Phone Credit Card Processing? What You Need to Know Now

In fact, even pop-up roadside stands now have the ability to accept payments. As the world moves away from cash-based transactions, mobile…

Think Beyond the Storefront—How Mobile Processing Can Expand Your Customer Base

While your brick-and-mortar business has been moderately successful, you may need to re-think how you approach expanding your customer base.

On the Menu: More Security

Recently, the National Restaurant Association co-hosted a chat via its Twitterfeed, dealing with issues of payment security. This is of particular concern to NRA members, since many of the most headline-grabbing hacks have come at eateries, like PF Chang’s, Dairy Queen, and other food establishments.

The Wallets, They Are A-Changin’

The Wallets, They Are A-Changin’ It’s That Time of Year It’s the time of year where customers are encouraged to…

The Road Ahead for Payments: Yellow Bricks, or Leaking Digits?

As our readers already know, changes are coming to the world of credit cards. Chief among those, as a new article in Wired states, are EMV cards, which “have an embedded microchip that authenticates the card as a legitimate bank card to prevent hackers from embossing stolen card data onto blank cards to use it for fraudulent transactions. The chip contains the same data that traditionally is stored on a card’s magnetic stripe, but also has a certificate used to digitally sign each transaction.

Ways to Not Leave $100 Billion on the Table — POS Devices for Tablets & Smartphones

We were struck by a CNBC article appearing this week, with the provocative headline, “Cash-only Business Owners Risk $100 Billion Mistake.” The article notes that “As American consumers begin to embrace tap-and-pay smartphone apps, relegating plastic to a deep recess in the pocketbook or wallet, more than half of U.S. small business owners continue to live in the past—forget mobile apps, they don’t take American Express, or anything other than cash.”