Black Hat Roundup: Goodwill, A Billion Passwords, and other “Hacker” News

Well, it’s time for the annual “Black Hat” conference in Las Vegas, which is actually a conference run by “white hats” to discuss security breaches in our wired world, and to share knowledge of any breaches or security lapses they’ve discovered before the real “black hats” do.

The Yin and Yang of It: Retailers Push for Secure Cards, Target Already Tried Them

The news of course, in the wake of the most infamous consumer data breach yet, just gets newsier. Some reports indicate that information going back as far as ten years, on Target customers, could have been pilfered in the breach. One couple near the U.S. / Mexican border was arrested after having a cache of false credit cards in their possession, made from what appears to be a  fraction of the stolen data.

The Fed Wants You to Help Make Payments Better

The Fed — that quasi-accountable Federal banking system that sets our interest rates, and determines how much cash liquidity we should all be awash in — now wants your help. Or at least,  they want your comments.

Tips for Choosing the Best Payment Merchant Service Providers

To maximize their selling power, many businesses contract with a merchant service. But how much a business benefits from a merchant service involves more than payment options. It also involves how merchant services operate: with professionalism and foresight, or with ineptness. An inept service can jeopardize its clients’ revenue in several ways; particularly concerning charge back fees and customer defection. Below are six tips for avoiding these types of providers.

Finding the Best Payment Merchant Service Providers

When choosing between payment merchant service providers, make the decision on more than just the quoted price. Obtaining a competitive rate is important to your business profitability but should not be the only decision factor. Selecting a merchant service on cost alone can lead to unbearable future expenses. It can be difficult to gain a complete understanding of this detailed process. This in turn reduces the chances of striking a good deal with providers.