A Midsummer Night’s Gift Card Giving

Well, strictly speaking, the “Midsummer Night” of Shakespearean fame comes just after the summer solstice in June.  Here in America, summer seems to run from Memorial Day through Labor Day, with July 4th in-between, making July our own “midsummer.”

Visa Raising Standards on Prepaid Debit Cards

According to a recent NY Times article, Visa is responding to consumer concerns that prepaid cards are often trickier to use — or to give — than they should be, since fees and terms often differ, leaving users confused, or simply with less of a balance than they imagined they had.

POS Attacks May Be Declining (But…); Consumers Turning to Prepaid?

Certainly good news would be welcome on the internet and data security fronts these days. Technology website CRN may have some, in a story whose headline proclaims that “despite Prominent Retail Breaches, POS System Attacks Decline.”

Taking Checks Still a Good Idea & Other Fallout from Recent Breaches

A thoughtful analysis on Pymnts. com talks about some of the unexpected “fallout” from the recent high-profile credit card breaches. One might expect that such an event would accelerate the calls for adapting more secure “EMV” card standards here, or even spark discussions on whether customers should have ever-shifting “account numbers,” etc., as a way of minimizing security risks. And those discussions have happened.

“The Other Big Trend I’d Really Highlight Is The Move From Cash to Debit”

That may be the most germane quote — the “takeaway” if you will — from an interview that  Nitin Sumangali did regarding MasterCard Global Insights’ recent white paper on consumer spending habits and whether they’re still in a “recession mindset.”

Credit Card Tips for When “Back to School” Means “Off to College”

We’re probably as surprised as you that it’s already “back to school” time in so many places, for so many students. Aren’t we still a few weeks away from our Labor Day barbecues!?