EMV’s Slow Rollout — Viewed from the Hudson River Valley

Last spring, around this travel-y time of year, we had just gotten back from Europe, and reported from the land of EMV use (that’s where the “E” in those initials comes from!) about how customers were adapting to inserting their cards…

Economic Green Lights, as Summer Travel Plans a “Go!”

Memorial Day is here, and it’s once again time for our annual(ish) look on what the unofficial kickoff to summer means in terms of economic trends, etc.

Summertime — And Is the (Consumer) Spendin’ More Easy?

Memorial Day’s arrival — and recent departure — marks the unofficial kick off for summer, at least as far as travel plans, imminent graduations, giddy weddings, and other features of what is supposed to be more languorous calendar time.

Notes from the Land of “Euro” in “EMV”

As we’ve noted in this space before, “EMV” is coming — sooner rather than later — to America. It’s that standard — already adopted in Europe and Asia — of having an additional chip on your charge card, as well as an additional means of authenticating any charges made in person, like use of a PIN or a signature.

Travel Season: Pack Bags, Swim Trunks, and EMV Chips

If you’re traveling abroad this summer, you might want to make sure you have at least one EMV-ready credit (or debit) card at your disposal. (The same might apply if you’re traveling a couple years into the future, after they become more widespread here in the U.S.!)