The 12 Ways of Christmas


The 12 Ways of Christmas

The Challenge of a Shorter Holiday Week

It’s a short holiday shopping week with tips, and we wanted to get the blogging in before it was time to address the stuffing! If you’re on the merchant side of the equation, it’s also a “short” holiday season, due to Thanksgiving coming later in November than usual. So there’s even more expectation — frenzy? — around the official “Black Friday kickoff” sales. Not only for customers, but for merchants as well. Whichever side of the equation you’re on (and if you’re reading this, we’re guessing “both,”) we found an interesting article in the Christian Science Monitor on “12 Ways This Year Will Be Different.

Key Observations for the Holiday Season

More Brick-and-Mortar Stores Will Price Match Amazon

“Even with its pricier shipping policy, brick-and-mortar stores still fear Amazon. As a result, more brick-and-mortar retailers will join the Amazon price matching camp. Best Buy and Target have typically price matched with Amazon, and so far this year Staples is one of the new vendors to join the party.” All of which means that if you’re a merchant, “showrooming” is here to stay, which is something to consider as you mull your online strategy for the new year.

There Will Be More Credit Options for Small Businesses

The article notes that thanks to the prevalence of mobile processing apps and devices, “more small businesses will be able to accept credit card payments at their stores. These apps have made it easier for small businesses to accept credit cards…That all translates into more and easier payment options for the consumer.” In other words, your customers now expect you to take their plastic, regardless of business size! Make sure you’re ready to meet that expectation!

There’s One Less Week Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

With one less weekend to shop this year, consumers can expect to be bombarded with sales and promotions as early as the day before Thanksgiving. In addition, the National Retail Federation found that consumers will be a little more cautious with their spending budget this year. All this means that retailers will have to work twice as hard to get people to spend, and that means bigger-than-life advertising.

Strategizing Your Holiday Business Approach

So in addition to enjoying your own slice of pumpkin pie at the table, you have to figure out ways, essentially, to lure your customers away from theirs!

Remember, AVPS is here to help in all the “12 Ways” — and more — your business needs for Christmas and beyond.

Get in touch with your AVPS rep today — though we confess, we’ll be off ladling some gravy and dishing up candied sweet potatoes on the holiday itself! May yours be fruitful, thoughtful — and full all around!