The Back to School Rush—Are Your Payment Processes Ready For the Challenge?

Back to School Rush

The Back to School Rush—Are Your Payment Processes Ready For the Challenge?


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, for parents it is. While kids are bemoaning the inevitable return to homework and early bedtimes, parents are remembering what it’s like to not be 24/7 entertainment directors. For retailers, this back to school rush period is also a huge sales boost across most industries. While school supplies, electronics, sports gear, and apparel top most school sales, we also have plenty of college-bound students who need household wares, cars, and gift cards. Whatever your business, now is a great time to utilize creative marketing and sales to draw in customers. However, remember that with increased foot traffic comes increased transactions, and your payment processes need to be ready to handle the deluge.

Addressing Challenges for Small Businesses

Small businesses especially struggle during high-traffic sales times, but AVPS believes that the right payment solutions can alleviate these issue. For example, mobile processing can be slower than necessary if you aren’t using the right equipment and running the most up-to-date software. That’s why we are committed to keeping our clients ready for whatever comes their way by only supplying technology and accounts with proven performance.

Avoiding Payment Headaches and Fraud

Even if your payment processing is up to par, some of the worst payment headaches come from employee error. Just imagine, your employee is facing a long line of impatient customers, fussy kids, and no end in sight. If you accept checks, your employee may be distract and accidentally skip some of the important rules you have for check acceptance. That puts your business at greater risk for fraud and returned checks, thereby tying up your finances. AVPS works to help our clients with our own fraud protection measures, but also with the training they need to avoid these busy-season pitfalls.

Prepare for a Successful Back-to-School Season

With the right preparation, your business can make this back-to-school season the best yet. From the very best wireless merchant services to our 24-hour service and support, AVPS is here to help businesses make the most of each and every retail season.