If It’s Wednesday, It Must Be SID4B Training Day! (WebEX Link Inside!)

If It’s Wednesday, It Must Be SID4B Training Day! (WebEX Link Inside!)

If It’s Wednesday, It Must Be SID4B Training Day!

We’re excited here at AVP Solutions, as Wednesday, April 19th rolls around!

Not because it’s the day after Tax Day (well, maybe a little because of that), but because it’s our long-talked about SID4B Training Day, at last!

Our Mission at AVP Solutions

It has always been to equip our merchants with the most comprehensive services and the highest level of customer service available, and as you know, we’ve been rolling out SmartIDentity for Business (SID4B) to our core suite of services!

You have already received a product overview and notification letter and we’ve shared the value of SID4B with you on our blog. Added to that, we’ve mentioned that we will be offering SID4B Solution Awareness and Product Overview Training. The training is provided by the solution provider powering SID4B and as noted, will be customized not only to AVP Solutions but to your specific product and data breach response planning questions.

Technological Changes

Technological changes are constantly making individuals and businesses more vulnerable to ID theft and data breach events, with a dramatic rise in breaches, hacks and ransomware and continued increase in entity theft. The addition of SID4B by AVP Solutions remains a timely and necessary cost effective solution.


It includes a comprehensive suite of both pre-data breach and post-data breach services to help you prevent, detect, mitigate and restore! SID4B provides you with numerous tools to assist you in mitigating risk even before a breach happens and provides you with the necessary tools to quickly respond if it does.

Today, Wednesday, April 19 th at 11:00 A.M. PST, is our SID4B Solution Awareness and Product Overview Training.

Find the WebEx that Training Right Here!

Information for joining the training is as follows:

Audio conference details:
+1-415- 655-0003
Access code: 626 071 967

And should you not be able to join us today, to add the effectiveness of your own use of SID4B to keep protecting your business.

See you later this morning — and see you in a week!

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