What are the Benefits of Mobile Phone Credit Card Processing?


What are the Benefits of Mobile Phone Credit Card Processing?

Mobile phone credit card processing puts the ease of credit card transactions in your back pocket (or your purse). Whether you are an established retail store or you’re a contractor on the go, mobile credit card processing delivers the convenience and flexibility of accepting credit cards right to your cell phone.

How can accepting credit cards on my mobile phone help me?

If you are a contractor that is always on the go for business, you no longer have to worry about customers having cash or bouncing checks. You can simply pull out your phone, swipe your customer’s credit card, and accept payment right on the spot.

The same applies if you are a vendor that frequents farmer’s markets, trade shows or conventions; or if you’re a mobile vendor like a hot dog vendor or ice cream truck, or sell other products at various locations. No more missed sales because someone only carries plastic. Cell phone credit card processing allows you to easily accept all forms of payment no matter where you are.

Brick and mortar locations are even incorporating cell phone credit card readers into their business to make it easy to accept payments at off-site events, enable their employees to easily accept payments at a customer’s table, and even switching from traditional credit card readers for convenience.

How easy is it to get set up with mobile credit card processing?

Setting up your merchant account, installing the application on your phone, and attaching the credit card swiper when you’re ready to accept a payment is a breeze. It’s a straightforward process, just like following simple steps.

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