Which Merchant Card Processing Terminal is Right for Your Business?

Merchant Card Processing Terminal

Which Merchant Card Processing Terminal is Right for Your Business?

Nearly every successful merchant needs to handle credit card transactions, yet choosing the optimal method for accepting these payments poses a challenge. Most commonly, the processing of credit transactions is managed through a variety of Merchant Card Processing Terminal, including modem-based, IP-based, contactless, modified cell phone, or computer terminals. In the following sections, we delve into the specifics of each terminal type.

Modem Based Terminal

Modem-based terminals feature standard dialup connection that offers reliability and good processing speed. Stationed at in-store points of sale (POS), they have been used for decades and are ideal for merchants who conduct steady card transactions, but do not experience periods of heavy business that necessitate high-speed processing.

IP Based Terminal

Unlike modem-based terminals, IP-based terminals have a Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability that enhances their transaction speed. They are quickly becoming as common as modem-based terminals, especially for merchants who experience periods of heavy business.

Restaurants, bars, and retail stores are examples of merchants that benefit from the Ethernet connectivity of IP-based terminals.

Contactless Terminal

This merchant card processing terminal uses an embedded antenna to read contactless credit cards. Combining Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability with a contactless card reading, it offers superior processing speed compared to modem-based and IP-based terminals.

Due to their secure, hygienic method of payment, contactless credit cards are gaining in popularity. Because they are not handed to clerks, they cannot be swiped through card skimmers. They also reduce the communication of germs.       

Modified Cell Phone Terminal

Modified mobile payment terminals are cell phones that serve as telephone and payment terminals. With built-in swiping technology, they are ideal for merchants that sell at trade shows, public events, and kiosks, or accept payment after delivering products or rendering services at businesses or residences.

Modified cell phone terminals can be coordinated with wireless printers to provide customer receipts.

Wireless Terminal

This merchant card processing terminal is a standard or contactless card terminal that is used in the capacity of a modified cell phone terminal. The difference is that wireless terminals have a built-in printer, typically offer more features, and usually offer faster processing.

Computer Terminal

Computer terminals are PCs that have been turned into payment terminals with the application of a POS System. They can be used in several situations, but are typically associated with mail order/telephone order (MOTO) processing. Because POS software can be expensive, it is often used as a last option.

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