Cards in Hand: What Your Customers Like Using Charge and Debit For

Georgia-based Total Systems Services Inc., or TSYS, is out with their 2013 Consumer Payment Choice Study. And while the main purpose of the study was to find out how anxious, or ready, customers were to turn their mobile devices into wallets, though the secondary information in the survey — what types of plastic consumers prefer for which kinds of transactions — was perhaps just as illuminating.

Holiday Cash For Your Business, With a Merchant Cash Advance

Being the faithful AVPS Blog reader that you are, you’ve seen where there will be a large surge of holiday shoppers online; you know that your customers will be “showrooming” with their mobile devices; you want to advertise more as the economy slowly regains ground; you need to order more merchandise for the upcoming spike in sales.

After the Shutdown: Holiday Budgets Trimmed, Consumers Still Willing to Shop

Like the Boy  Scouts, we believe in being prepared. Especially now that the U.S. is once again funding its government and paying its debts, and people are free, relatively, to go about their business.  Part of that preparation may include anticipating how much business you can now expect from customers this holiday season.

“Mobile” Ambivalence: Consumers Want Ease of Use, Payment Options

Some interesting stats and trend-lines are emerging from a recently discussed Forrester Research study on  Smartphone-based sales in the coming years. The data notes that Smartphone-based retail numbers will hit $12 billion in 2013, all the way up to $31 billion in 2017. Those are exciting numbers, but it’s worth noting that the 2013 figure actually represents just 5% of current e-commerce sales, and the 2017 number clocks in at 9%.

“The Other Big Trend I’d Really Highlight Is The Move From Cash to Debit”

That may be the most germane quote — the “takeaway” if you will — from an interview that  Nitin Sumangali did regarding MasterCard Global Insights’ recent white paper on consumer spending habits and whether they’re still in a “recession mindset.”

Accepting Online Payments Has Never Been Easier

It is no secret that the millions of people that have taken advantage of doing business on the internet over the past 10 years have done a good job at making money. Internet business is growing more and more every day with no sign of slowing down any time soon.