How to Get Started With Business Merchant Services

Are you a small business owner who has avoided merchant account solutions because you are overwhelmed with the idea of integrating new or additional systems into your business? Some business owners assume that it is a complicated process to begin using a merchant account for new business, but the truth is the process is very simple if you use the right system.

Chip-and-Pin — or “Chip-and-Sig?”

The new year always brings change — not only the resolutions we manage to keep, but change in the form of new laws, products, calendar deadlines, etc. One such change, slated for 2015, is the arrival, at last, of “EMV” cards as the default standard for American credit card users, those micro-chipped credit and debit cards that are already the standard in most European countries.

Should Your Business Use Mobile Credit Card Processing?

If you own a business and you are constantly on the move for business appointments and meetings, then you should consider the ways you can improve payment systems by using mobile processing. There are several ways that you can easily integrate credit card processing on the go, and these systems make it easy for you to accept payments from any location.