3 Steps to Using Merchant Cash Advance Resources

Whether you own an established business or you are working to get a start-up off the ground, merchant cash advance resources are a great method that can be used to inject your company with cash so that you can keep the doors open. Cash flow is a tricky aspect to running a business, and many owners can find themselves failing if they don’t manage cash in the right way.

“I Spy” More Changes in Payments, More Need For Security

As you know from being a savvy/frequent readers of these posts, the world of payments shares a critical motif with life itself: Change is the only constant. And by “change,” we don’t mean those coins in your pocket, left over from the last time you used cash. No, we’re talking about how the way payments are made is shifting, faster and faster — bringing along the need for constantly-changing security, as well.

How Do I Get a Business Cash Advance?

Are you asking the same question as many other business owners: how do I get a business cash advance? Managing cash flow is a necessary aspect to maintaining a business, and many business owners run into cash flow problems at one point or another.

Simple Steps to Manage Transaction Security in E-Commerce

If you accept credit card payments online or in your store, then it is important that you integrate secure payment processing to ensure the safety of the payment information for each of your customers.

Under the Frost: Security Tips, Hearings & Getting Ready for Spring

Traditionally, winter is a time to burrow inside, and to get ready for spring: stitching up, repairing and mending items for the outdoor season ahead. And under the frost, plants are doing the same thing, getting ready to sprout and bloom in a few weeks time.

Does Your Business Accept Checks Online?

Many people assume that check payments can only be made by providing a paper check to the person receiving the payment. But, the truth is that you can accept check payments online, making it possible for your customers to make payments in a variety of ways.

How to Use a Credit Card Reader

If you are a business owner, then it is essential that you accept card payments for the products and services that you have for sale. Many consumers prefer using credit cards for all of their purchases, and a credit card reader provides you a fast and easy way to accept payments.

2015: A Sheep Year — But A Safe One?

The New Year celebrating isn’t quite over yet — next month brings us the Chinese New Year. Those followers of Chinese Astrology know that each year is given an “animal” personality, so our upcoming “sheep year” is presumed to be — like its totem animal — somewhat gentle and easygoing.

Why Your Online Business Needs an E-Commerce Merchant Account

As the internet grows and expands, more businesses are seeing the importance of integrating an e-commerce merchant account into their website. Online sales make up a good portion of retail transactions, and many consumers have stated that they prefer online shopping over a visit to a retail store. So, if you don’t have an e-commerce store, you are likely missing out on potential sales from customers who are interested in buying your products.