How to Use a Credit Card Reader

If you are a business owner, then it is essential that you accept card payments for the products and services that you have for sale. Many consumers prefer using credit cards for all of their purchases, and a credit card reader provides you a fast and easy way to accept payments.

In-Store Credit Card Readers

When you have a countertop payment terminal in your store, it is connected with the cash register or a computer system that has been installed. These readers allow employees to swipe the card, manually type in the amount that should be charged, and then the transaction is complete within a matter of moments. Most merchant account services will assist in the setup process, to make it easy to install a card reader in your store.

Cell Phone Credit Card Transactions

Some business owners find it more convenient, to accept credit card payments through their cell phone, and there are solutions that can be easily integrated into your mobile device. If you plan to use your smart phone, then it is important that you first download the app that is associated with the equipment you will be using. When your merchant account is set up and the equipment is attached to your cell phone, you can quickly and easily swipe cards through these cell phone credit card readers to accept immediate payment.

A phone card reader is easy to use, and allows you to accept payments from any location. Your customers will be happy that they have the option to pay with plastic, especially if they don’t normally carry cash.

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