Could The Way You Handle Credit Card Processing Cost You Customers?

At AVPS, we know that our clients have to incorporate the costs and fees associated with credit/debit card processing into their overall bottom lines. This means that, if they accept credit cards, they must include this as part of how they price their goods and services. While this has long been the norm, the rise of mobile credit card processing is creating some sticky customer service issues that we want to help our partners avoid. To demonstrate what we mean, here’s a story of a service provider, a customer, and the moment it all went wrong:

New Employee Training—Why You May Be Missing Something in Your Training Program

Here’s a question for our retail clients: When you train a new employee, what do you think are the most important things they need to know? Chances are that you first focus on conduct, company culture, and an overview of your policies and procedures. You walk them through their duties and maybe even have them shadow other employees for a while. When it comes to payment processing, however, are you giving them the right training and enough of it? If not, you could be setting your business up for long-term security issues.