New Employee Training—Why You May Be Missing Something in Your Training Program

New Employee Training

New Employee Training—Why You May Be Missing Something in Your Training Program


Here’s a question for our retail clients: While new employee training, what do you think are the most important things they need to know? Chances are that you first focus on conduct, company culture, and an overview of your policies and procedures. You walk them through their duties and maybe even have them shadow other employees for a while. When it comes to payment processing, however, are you giving them the right training and enough of it? If not, you could be setting your business up for long-term security issues.

The Importance of Comprehensive Training

For employees new to retail or other positions that require credit card processing, their trainers often simply show them how to work a terminal and leave it at that. However, unless you also train them on the ins and outs of credit card transaction security, you could be setting them up for failure, and your business up for fraud. The most comprehensive training programs aim to help employees understand the “why” and not just the “how” of credit card processing. When they know the reason for certain steps, they are more likely not to skip over them, even when in a hurry. They need to know that their actions can ensure a secure payment process, or they can lead to serious consequences.

Beyond Fraud Prevention

When you give your employees more well-rounded training, it does more than prevent fraud. They can better deal with equipment hiccups, declined cards, and unusual transactions. This improves your customer service, and empowers your employees with confidence.

Our Commitment to Training

Because AVPS is committed to credit card processing risk management solutions, we provide our merchants with our own comprehensive training, so that they can pass their expertise to each and every employee. We set you up to succeed so that, in turn, you set your staff up for success as well.

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