Simplify and Secure Your Payments With (Free!) Visa Checkout!

Visa Checkout

Simplify and Secure Your Payments With (Free!) Visa Checkout!


Visa has rolled out its free “Checkout” service for customers and merchants, to help make the act of paying even easier, and more secure. Essentially,  It is a digital payment service that lets customers use a single, secure sign-on across channels and devices using a their preferred payment method.

Visa Checkout and How It Works

Laptop Magazine describes it from the consumer side:  “After setting up an account … you can register any debit or credit card for instant access.

The Benefits of Visa Checkout

Thus, any merchants using Visa Checkout can make life that much easier for their customers, and are able to accept whatever card or account they want to use to pay with.

And now, AVPS can make it easy to make life easy, by helping you set it up for your website for free, via our own partnership with!

Visa Checkout: Among the many benefits:

  • Secure – Uses numerous layers of security, including fraud-monitoring systems, and encrypted tokens using hash algorithms to help keep payment information even safer.
  • Open – Accepts any major credit or debit card making it that much easier on your customers, and that much easier for you to get the sale
  • Ease – Integrating is easy, requiring  only a few simple HTML and JavaScript tags. Call your AVPS rep to get started!
  • Free! – Did we mention yet that it’s free!?

Furthermore, Laptop Magazine emphasizes a substantial differentiation between PayPal and Visa during the customer’s payment preparation phase. While the selection of the “Check out with PayPal” option generally redirects customers to a separate login page, choosing its offers a distinct and more seamless experience. Customers can effortlessly proceed with their purchase without any redirection by simply clicking on its icon, which triggers the appearance of a convenient pop-up window.

When you are ready to thoroughly explore how it can genuinely enhance convenience for both you and your esteemed customers, we stand fully equipped and enthusiastic to provide exclusive support.