How “Black Friday” Almost Came Early — and other Thanksgiving/”Franksgiving” Tales

Happy short week! It’s become something of a tradition here on the AVPS end of things to get our blog post and newsletter out early during Thanksgiving…

Black and Cyber All Over: Holiday Shopping Is Here

Total U.S. holiday spending is expected to increase under 4% from 2014’s results, according to the National Retail Federation, but per Forrester (research group) online spending is expected to jump 11% over last year… (exceeding) $95 billion this year.”

International Blog Post Edition: Singles Day & MasterCard’s Global Liability

There’s a “quickening” at year’s end, with all the preparations, travels, gatherings, and, of course, sales and transactions that mark the season, and much of the particular corner of it that we cover here.

This is Your Holiday Season — And This Is Your Holiday Season on EMV

Now that the Trick or Treat candy is all in the “half off” bins at the store, the home stretch of the year — and the holidays — begins in earnest.

Is Your Website Up to Par? AVPS Can Help Make It Better With Payment Processing Solutions

As you grow your business, a well-crafted, highly functional website will be necessary to take your operations to the next level. In our internet and data driven world…