How Mobile Payment Processing Is Growing

Mobile processing is a permanent part of the business landscape, and it is one that continues to grow in importance. Whenever a company decides to…

PCI Oh My: New Study Shows Compliance Can “Make or Break” Merchant Relationships (updated)

Compliance Can “Make or Break” Merchant Relationships A new ControlScan survey making the rounds of the financial press, showing that…

Travel Tips & Tricks for Summer Card Carriers

Summer travel always brings with it a shifting list of do’s and don’ts, in terms of what to pack, where to go, what to expect if you’re queueing up for a TSA line, etc. It’s also been a good way to mark how people are feeling…

Importance Of Mobile Credit Card Processing

In the past few years, mobile processing has revolutionized the way in which many business models operate, as well as create an avenue for start-ups to get their proverbial feet wet. For example, we all know that most new businesses fail within the first two years.

How To Prevent Financial Risks When Traveling Or Shopping

We are deep in the heart of the summer travel and shopping seasons, which means more of us are getting out, getting on the road, and exploring new places.

If It’s Wednesday, It Must Be SID4B Training Day! (WebEX Link Inside!)

We’re excited here at AVP Solutions, as Wednesday, April 19th rolls around!
Not because it’s the day after Tax Day…

May the Force Not Be With You: Guard Against Fraudulent Force-Posted Transactions (Pt. 1)

Among the many types of hacks and frauds we warn about, or sadly have to post about (a report discussed by Reuters this week…

How To Overcome First Challenging Year Of Your Business

That’s why you need a carefully constructed plan that addresses your infrastructure, funding, staffing, payment processing, and goals for growth.

AVP Solutions Launches “SID” (SmartIDentity for Business) Training; Join us on April 19th

Our mission at AVP Solutions is to equip our merchants with the most comprehensive services and the highest level of customer service available.