6 Best Practices for Non -Profit Organizations in Setting Up Online Donations

6 Best Practices for Non -Profit Organizations in Setting Up Online Donations

6 Best Practices for Non -Profit Organizations in Setting Up Online Donations

Choose a payment processor who understands the unique needs and operations of non-profit organization.

 Many payment processors work almost exclusively with commercial operations. While the mechanical process is the same in non profit organization, the attitudes and behaviors of donors, the relationship between organization and donors, and the guiding regulations and laws are all different. The more you create your online system to recognize the unique dynamics of the non-profit world, the more successful your fundraising.

Choose a payment processor that can process transactions for both credit cards and ACH/eChecks. 

Choose a payment processor because, some donors do not want to use credit cards to pay for donations, especially those which are recurring. Being able to process bank to bank transactions will remove an area of concern which may prevent some people from donating.

Save time and money with a payment processor service which integrates with your existing donor management software

Not every processing service integrates with the range of donor management software. Integration options for compatibility will create a substantial savings in time, offer management reports, and allow for better segmentation in donation requests.

Ensure that your payment processor can accept foreign currencies

While some non-profit organizations are by nature local, many deal with conditions which generate international response. Keep this option open with a payment processor that can accept international donations in different currencies.

Ask if special rates or reduced costs are available to non-profit organizations 

Some payment processors may not advertise such discounts, so be sure to ask if such special treatment can be arranged.

Determine the payout schedule for each payment processor

Determine the payout schedule for each payment processor. Is there a delay in the deposit of funds to your accounts?

AVP Solutions has the expertise developed over its more than a quarter century of experience working with non-profit organizations. Our staff can walk your agency through the process of establishing the most effective and efficient system to maximize your donation reach. We’ve experienced the gamut of challenges non-profits encounter. Let our planning expertise prevent problems later on.

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