Boost Your Business By Accepting Online Payments via ECheck

Boost Your Business By Accepting Online Payments via ECheck

There are three ways that checks do their job of taking money from your account and giving to someone. The traditional way started with a piece of paper that you gave to a vendor, who sent it to their bank, who sent it to your bank, and your bank sent the money to their bank. It was slow and expensive for merchants to use.

Along came electronic check readers – scanners which read the code from your paper check and sent it to your bank, then your money was credited to the vendor immediately. This was faster, less expensive, and offered greater security, with a big improvement over cumbersome paper checks.

Time passed and technology evolved, and now verification processors offer software that takes the key information electronically to your bank, gets the money and puts it in the vendor’s bank. It was with this process that the true electronic check (called eCheck) was created. It has all the advantages of the scanned check but can be done entirely on-line. For credit card leery consumers, electronic checks offer a fast and safe method for online payments.

American Verification Process Solutions offers this service: eCheck Processing. Expand your payment options to include ACH Processing for your current and new customers.

  • No third-party integration needed
  • Combined Reporting with all your other payments
  • Eliminate the costs and inconvenience of paper checks
  • Lower Fees – typically lower than credit cards and Paypal
  • Reliable, Secure, PCI-compliant
  • 24/7 Online Reporting

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