New Technology Clover Station Puts You in Control Of Your Bottom Line


New Technology Clover Station Puts You in Control Of Your Bottom Line

Bring your business into the 21st Century with the operations management Clover Station system. It automates a variety of business operations from payments, point of sale software, inventory, reporting, gift cards, customer data, employee information and specialty apps into one integrated system.

Clover Station offers businesses several benefits:

  • Accept multiple payment methods – Today’s customers expect merchants to accept payments in a variety of formats such as Apple Pay, Google wallet, EMV chip cards, NFC payments and the occasional check. Clover Station can accept all these and more.
  • Gather sales and marketing analytics in real time. Business decisions rely on complete, and timely data on sales, time sold, inventory, employee time and costs and many more. There are many apps which can be added for these management insight functions to empower your business and build success.
  • Cloud-based software gives you the ability to manage your business anytime and anywhere. Whether it’s doing the employee schedule, managing sales reports, or setting payroll, you can do these functions wherever you are. Stay on top of your business in real time. With a Clover Station the boss is always on the premises!


Let the experts at AVP Solutions set up and configure Clover Station for your business to gain the maximum benefit of this technology in building your bottom line.