Get Paid NOW! – Fast and Secure Mobile Payments

Get Paid NOW! – Fast and Secure Mobile Payments

Whether you’re an artist at a show, a handyman on the job, a wedding singer, or any of the thousands of mobile service providers…mobile terminals get you paid faster with fewer hassles.

The most dreaded words in the English language, “send me a bill,” mean that at the very best you’ll wait to get paid, and at worst you’ll have to struggle to collect. Save both time and money with a mobile terminal. Through a variety of hardware and software options, mobile terminals let you get paid in a variety of formats at the same time you deliver your product or service. Payment terms like “net 30” become obsolete when you’re paid instantly.

There are a variety of hardware and software alternatives, but they all have several elements in common. Each uses a merchant account in the Cloud to connect your small mobile device with your processing account. Each allows the scan of credit and payment cards for customer and product or service information, as well as the transfer of funds from the customer’s account to yours. All offer the maintenance of billing and payment records.

A few examples and features show the range of devices and applications:

MagTek eDynamo

  • Use as a Mobile or Countertop device – Connect via USB or wirelessly
  • Dual interface delivers compatibility for Windows, IOS and Android
  • Powered by a Merchant Account, not a payment service provider

Clover Go “All-in-One”

  • Works together with other Clover Devices
  • Tiny powerful device: Provides intuitive reporting and business insights
  • Powered by a Merchant Account, not a payment service provider

PayAnywhere 3-in-1 Reader

  • Not compatible with new iPhones
  • Accept magnetic stripe, chip cards, and contactless payments
  • Next-day Funding also Accept Paypal in-app
  • Scan barcodes to add products, create items, and track stocks.

Let the experts at AVP Solutions set up and configure your online payment processing with mobile terminal technology, for the absolute best choice and integration with your existing processes.

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