Accept Checks Online with Automated Clearing House

Decades ago, they said that we would become a paperless society.  And while there are trillions of gigabytes that hold a tremendous amount of data, there are so many paper documents that haven’t made the leap.  Thankfully, checks have now gone through the transition from a paper environment to an electronic process that you as a merchant, can take advantage of to improve your bottom line and lessen the turnaround time from a conventional deposit.

Secure software that is provided by AVP Solutions makes the process simple, fast and easy.  More and more companies are turning to Automated Clearing House (ACH) to be able to process and accept checks online as well as make check deposits.  No more long lines at the bank, creating deposit slips or waiting interminably for your money.

In order to deposit checks online, simply contact a merchant account manager and you can be set up in less than a day.  All the information that you need to process checks online are:

  1. Customer name and address
  2. Transaction amount
  3. Routing number
  4. Check number
  5. Bank Account number

Input the information into AVP Solutions secure virtual terminal where we will then process the request to the Federal Reserve Bank for quick authorization.  All requests are stored in our database for future reference.  Once the transaction has cleared, your funds are sent to your merchant checking account for ready use.  Note – it is possible for the bank to reject a check that has already cleared which is known as a charge back.  All transactions are included on your monthly statement.

Typically, ACH can process checks online as early as 2 business days while a standard deposit can take a week or more to clear.  Working much like a wire transfer, this process can handle larger amounts than a normal transfer.

There is no requirement to buy additional hardware or software and you can feel safe that your money is well protected through AVP’s secure encryption.  Take advantage of your merchant account through AVP Solutions and direct your attention to your ultimate mission; making money.

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