Credit Card Processing with a Virtual Terminal


Credit Card Processing with a Virtual Terminal

The Challenge of Non-Present Credit Card Transactions

How many times have you had a customer that wanted to purchase your product or service but you were unable to process the transaction.  These situations usually occur when the credit card holder is not present and you potentially lose the sale.  That doesn’t have to happen any longer with virtual credit card processing.

Embracing the Virtual Merchant Model

Being a virtual merchant means being able to process any credit card transaction through a virtual terminal.  AVP Solutions has mastered the art of setting up businesses with a virtual terminal that is secure and produces authorization within minutes.  There is no additional investment in software or hardware to invest in.  If you have a computer and a connection to the internet, you are open for credit card business.

Features and Benefits of a Credit Card Virtual Terminal

A credit card virtual terminal is used when you do not have the credit card present and has all of the features of a physical credit card terminal.  Based on line, your browser is the gateway to processing all credit card transactions by entering the necessary card information and the amount of the transaction.

Secure Transactions with AVP Solutions

The customer’s transaction and the subsequent payment to you are secure when you enlist AVP Solutions to provide a virtual merchant account.

Fast and Easy Account Setup

Once you have arranged your virtual merchant account through AVP Solutions, you can begin processing credit card transactions immediately.  Setting up your account is fast and easy and we can usually have your account approved in less than 24 hours.

Avoiding Unnecessary Fees

Don’t pay the double dipping fees from a third party processing service such as Paypal and end up waiting days and weeks for your payment to be credited to your account.  Increase your bottom line now with an AVP Solutions virtual merchant account and focus on what you do best.  Earning money and building your business.

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