Do You Need a Virtual Merchant Account?


Do You Need a Virtual Merchant Account?

Expanding Your Business Reach

If you sell products or services via a website, you are considered a virtual merchant and a virtual merchant account will allow you to process payments online. This type of account allows you to process transactions online anywhere that you have an internet connection.

Benefits for Retail Businesses

But even if you are a retail business that does not generally conduct business online, a virtual merchant account can enable you to conduct business offsite at conventions or trade shows, kiosks, or anywhere else that you might want to transact business other than your usual location. It also provides you with the option to process telephone or catalog orders. With the online business booming, having a virtual merchant account will also put you in the position to offer products or services online when you’re ready.

Advantages for Various Business Types

Whether you are a virtual merchant or a brick and mortar business, this type of account allows you not only access to online payment services, but also provides you with the benefit of tracking transactions in one central location. A virtual account offers convenience and flexibility for many types of businesses so if you’re not sure if this is the right type of account for you, contact us with your questions and we will be happy to help.

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