Merchant Services Online: What Do You Get With an Internet Processing Solution?


Merchant Services Online: What Do You Get With an Internet Processing Solution?

Easy Application, Comprehensive Service

Specifically tailored for your ecommerce business, merchant accounts present numerous features to simplify customer transaction processing. Initiating the application is straightforward via an independent sales organization (ISO) or a payment provider. Simply navigate to the provider’s website, choose the internet account option, and proceed to input your business check information, along with your social security number or Federal Tax Identification number. Upon completion of the form, click the apply button and expect an almost immediate response. Alternatively, seeking this service from a traditional financial institution is an option, though it typically involves more paperwork and a lengthier processing period. Nonetheless, these online merchant services have undergone careful enhancements to meet the diverse needs of businesses like yours effectively.

Internet Merchant Account: A Tool for Enhanced Customer Experience

With an internet merchant account solution, you receive all the necessary components to make this customer convenience option a cinch. AVPS internet transaction solutions supply a virtual terminal to process cards from any location. Provided HTML tags allow you to set up a direct payment option on your website and the gateway is supplied to complete the approval process. You have twenty-four hour support available in addition to the merchant account for credit acceptance. Taking consumer card payments can increase sales and ease your transaction handling workload. This important business change does not have to be hard when a processing solution is provided from a dependable service provider.

Accept Online Payments: Security and Business Enhancing Features

Incorporating Security in Payment Acceptance

With just a fundamental understanding of HTML, you can set up your website to process online payments. We provide the necessary tags, which your developer can seamlessly integrate into the relevant pages and functionalities. Furthermore, for websites already featuring a product catalog, the addition of a shopping cart might be necessary. Notably, numerous gateways are pre-configured to blend with existing carts, so it’s crucial to inquire about the specific one you intend to utilize. Additionally, our services encompass fraud protection measures like address and user verification to authenticate only legitimate cards. In the realm of internet transactions, the secure sockets layer (SSL) protocol is a key player, ensuring robust data encryption. Furthermore, by implementing features that block unauthorized access and utilizing pre-verification processes, we guarantee the processing of only legitimate cards throughout ecommerce transactions.

Beyond Transactions: Value-Added Features for Your Business

Embracing an internet merchant solution for accepting online payments brings you a plethora of features to enhance your business. Effortlessly access all business reports through the integrated virtual terminal, and enjoy the flexibility of fully customizable transaction-oriented emails. Moreover, enhance your ordering form by adding your business logo and ensure a smooth customer journey with automatic redirects post-transaction. Experience hassle-free authorizations in real-time, avoiding the need for additional hardware or complex setups. Furthermore, these solutions seamlessly integrate with any ecommerce website and most legacy systems, offering online reporting tools, a comprehensive reports management system, data import capabilities, secure transaction storage, printable receipts, and efficient return processes, among other valuable features for your online business operations.

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