Merchant Services Online: What Do You Get With an Internet Processing Solution?

Merchant accounts specifically designed for your ecommerce business offer many features centered on making customer transaction processing easier. The application process for these services is fairly simple through an independent sales organization (ISO) or payment provider. You simply go online to the provider website, choose the internet account option, provide business check information, and supply a social security number or Federal Tax Identification number. Once the form has been completed, click the apply button to receive almost instant notification. You can choose to receive this service from a traditional financial institution; however, expect a larger amount of paperwork to be required and the process to take an extended period of time. Merchant services for online processing have been fine tuned to meet the varying needs of organizations just like yours.

With an internet merchant account solution, you receive all the necessary components to make this customer convenience option a cinch. AVPS internet transaction solutions supply a virtual terminal to process cards from any location. Provided HTML tags allow you to set up a direct payment option on your website and the gateway is supplied to complete the approval process. You have twenty-four hour support available in addition to the merchant account for credit acceptance. Taking consumer card payments can increase sales and ease your transaction handling workload. This important business change does not have to be hard when a processing solution is provided from a dependable service provider.

Accept Online Payments: Security and Business Enhancing Features

All you need is some basic HTML knowledge when setting your website up to accept online payments. We supply the appropriate tags which your developer can then use to insert into the appropriate pages and button functions. Websites with an existing product catalog may require a shopping cart to be incorporated into the mix. Many gateways are already designed to integrate with pre-designed carts making it important to ask upfront about the particular one you will be using. Fraud protection in the form of address and user verification are included with these services to ensure only valid cards are approved. A secure sockets layer (SSL) protocol is also included to supply reliable data encryption when internet communication takes place regarding a transaction. Lockout preventive features supply additional protection from illegal behavior and pre-verification makes certain only legitimate cards are run during ecommerce sales.

You receive many additional business enhancing features when using an internet merchant solution to accept online payments. All business reports are integrated into the virtual terminal for easy access and transaction oriented emails may be fully customized. Business logos may be added to the ordering form with an automatic page redirect once the transaction has completed. Authorizations are completed in real time without the need of purchasing additional hardware or extensive machine setups. These solutions may be fully integrated with any ecommerce website as well as most legacy systems. Online reporting tools, a reports management system, data importation, data transaction storage, printable receipts, return capabilities, and many other features can be expected with merchant services for online business. Call us today to learn more about what our transaction solutions have to offer your business.


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