How Portable Preparing Empowers Imaginative Business

For years, places like farmers markets, food trucks, sports concessions and a slew of others all operated on a cash-only basis, which in turn, limited their customer base. Those days are fading fast.

Significance Of An Expert Planned Online business Site

Small businesses reach new audiences through e-commerce, which allows them to build their brands beyond local audiences. As a trusted provider of wireless merchant services…

Credit Card Processing Risk Management Solutions

With summer only a couple of months away, now is a good time for seasonal or tourism-oriented businesses to give additional thought to secure payment processing.

Capturing the Magic—Unconventional Business Models Reinvent the Marketplace

As you’ve seen from recent blog posts, AVP Solutions understands that younger entrepreneurs are reinventing…

Right Payment Processing Tools

Right Payment Processing Tools Take Your ECommerce Business to Next Level With the Right Payment Processing Tools. You are growing…

The Wallets, They Are A-Changin’

The Wallets, They Are A-Changin’ It’s That Time of Year It’s the time of year where customers are encouraged to…

What Is a Virtual Merchant Account?

A virtual merchant account allows you to enter sales online from wherever you have an internet connection. Whether you are a virtual merchant or a brick and mortar business, this type of account can benefit you. While a virtual merchant usually processes many or all of their orders via their website, therefore requiring a way to process payments, a brick and mortar business who may not offer the option to place orders online benefits from a virtual merchant account in ways that include:

Online, or In-Store, Your Customers Shop With Devices In Hand

Online, or In-Store, Your Customers Shop With Devices In Hand The Blurring Lines Between Online and Offline Shopping Online marketing…

Accept Payments on the Go with Mobile Phone Credit Card Processing

Receiving payment instantly for your service is not only business efficient but it can mean cost savings from not having to ‘chase’ your customer for payment. Whether you’re an electrician, a plumber, a trade show exhibitor, or a home sales representative, you can receive payment immediately, wherever you are.