Accept Payments on the Go with Mobile Phone Credit Card Processing


Accept Payments on the Go with Mobile Phone Credit Card Processing

Instant Payment for Various Professions

Receiving payment instantly for your service is not only business efficiency but it can mean cost savings from not having to ‘chase’ your customer for payment. Whether you’re an electrician, a plumber, a trade show exhibitor, or a home sales representative, you can receive payment immediately, wherever you are.

AVP Solutions: Streamlining Mobile Payments

AVP Solutions has a solution for you with our mobile phone credit card reader that is adaptable to most smartphones. As a provider of business merchant accounts, we can help you with an easy-to-use process that ensures payment and approval immediately.

We are not like a third-party provider where your money can get tied up for long periods of time. Usually, your payment is transferred into your merchant account within 2-3 days after the transaction is completed. Our fees are competitive and don’t eat into your profits like many other third parties.

Quick and Easy Setup

Setting you up is also easy and we can usually have you up and running within 24 hours.

Simplified Payment Process

IPhone credit card processing is simple and easy like other smartphone hardware. Once you download the appropriate application into your phone and take possession of your credit card reader, you are ready to go to work and complete your sales. Swipe, enter the amount of the sale, and you’re done!

Personalized Setup and Support

If needed, we can send one of our representatives to your place of business to discuss your particular needs. We won’t just leave you flailing about trying to figure everything out like many other companies, we’re here to help.

Security and Compatibility

Our ‘on the spot’ mobile phone credit card processing accommodates the most popular phones on the market and our credit card reader for Android is fully secure and protects you from fraud with all of the latest security measures.

A Solution for Diverse Businesses

Limos and taxi companies, sporting events, locksmiths, street vendors, and hair stylist merchants, among many others, can all benefit from processing payments immediately.

Industry Experience and Contact Information

We are an industry leader in providing payment options and we’re proud to have more than 25 years of experience in the industry. Call us today at 1-800-719-9198.

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