‘On the Spot’ Processing with a Cell Phone Credit Card Reader

AVP Solutions provides business merchant account services to all types of businesses around the world. Our experience of 25 years has situated us as an industry leader in providing merchants with the easiest methods to receive payment for their products and services. We evolve with technology so that you always have access to the latest payment options at the most competitive prices.

While we have always outfitted our clients with the traditional credit card payment tools, more recently we have introduced a wireless credit card service that allows you to receive payment from any remote location.

With the advent of smartphones, you are able to affix a phone credit card reader to your phone and process transactions immediately. We can usually have you and your phone set up within 24 hours by following these steps.

    • Set up a business merchant account with AVP Solutions
    • Download the appropriate application to your Smartphone to allow processing and approvals
    • Attach your cell phone credit card readers to all of your company phones

Now you are ready to transact business from anywhere.

IPhone credit card processing is available as well as Android credit card processing. Once you have completed your job as a contractor or completed your retail sale, you need only follow these steps to complete the transaction:

    • Swipe the customer’s credit card through your cell phone credit card reader.
    • Enter the transaction amount.
    • Wait for ACH (Automated Clearing House) approval, usually in seconds.
    • An email confirmation is then sent to the customer.

What’s more is that all transactions are stored on a server, providing you with the ability to download the transaction information from your phone into your accounting program on your home or business computer.

With AVP Solutions, you will receive the funds in your business merchant account in as little as 2 or 3 days; unlike other third party merchant services where it can take up to several weeks to receive your money.

Contact one of our representatives today and we’ll have you up and running in no time!

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