Capturing the Magic—Unconventional Business Models Reinvent the Marketplace

Capturing the Magic—Unconventional Business Models Reinvent the Marketplace

Capturing the Magic—Unconventional Business Models Reinvent the Marketplace


As you’ve seen from recent blog posts, AVP Solutions understands that younger entrepreneurs are reinventing Unconventional Business Models, and we want to help. While some attribute this creativity in business to the post-recession financial landscape, other have noticed a growing appreciation for unique, artisan, and quality small-scale craftsmanship. For example, once known as “roach coaches,” food trucks now include outrageously popular operations spearheaded by award-winning chefs. Likewise, the internet allows designers to connect directly with consumers, rather than navigate the nearly impossible road to mass market retail. With two major primetime shows devoted to cottage industries seeking investors, we see that the business world has definitively evolved. Small scale business continue to carve out niche markets and help us rethink what it means to craft a successful business in today’s marketplace.

The Role of AVP Solutions

While entrepreneur creativity drives this evolution, AVP Solutions know that the advent of virtual merchant accounts and mobile payment processing truly opened the doors for unconventional business’ success.

Payment Solutions

We’re proud to be an institution that leverages new, secure technologies with the long history of successful relationships with the nation’s financial institutions. We help streamline payment processes, including options like cell phone credit card readers and online payment services for websites. Whether you are operating out of pop-up store fronts, or providing services from your home, we have payment processing solutions that support any size business operation.

Start Your Small Business Today

If you’re thinking about starting a small business, AVP Solutions believes that now is the perfect time. We encourage you to do your research on how small businesses are reinventing the landscape, and see if one of these unique avenues is right for you. Even if you start small-scale, you still have the opportunity to build a brand that leads to future growth. With a credit card reader and a little innovation, you can bring your dreams to life. Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide payment solutions for businesses of any size and type — including yours.