Accept Credit Cards from Anywhere with a Virtual Terminal

While many businesses operate in a brick and mortar store or on the web, an increasing number of today’s businesses are much more mobile.  Not only are today’s business owners taking more time to network and even sell products at trade shows, but with the modern economy making things hard for more traditional workers, many of today’s typical consumers have become small business owners, selling handmade goods or their own services at craft fairs, flea markets, and other venues.  It is an excellent way to make extra money, and with the use of a credit card virtual terminal, you can accept credit cards no matter where you may be.

A virtual credit card terminal offers many benefits to small and medium business owners.  With these credit card processing solutions, you can easily accept payments over the phone, at trade shows, or even at a kiosk in a shopping center.  In short, you can take payments anywhere that you have an Internet connection.  Your terminal can easily be logged into through your desktop or laptop computer, and once you have entered the credit card information, everything is set to be paid.  It’s that simple.

With a virtual terminal for credit card acceptance provided by AVPS, you get more than just the ability to accept credit cards anywhere.  You also get an integrated reports management system that allows you to download as much of your transaction history as you like into an easy-to-read report or into databases and spreadsheets that can be used offline for accounting and for analyzing your businesses.  You can even enter multiple payments at once from various locations thanks to the ability to have multiple users on your account.  When all of this is combined with leading fraud protection and the excellent level of customer support and service that has made AVP such a big name in the industry, it is easy to see why our virtual terminals are such an excellent choice for a wide range of modern businesses.

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