Tips for Setting Up Your Retail Merchant Account

Retail Merchant Account

Tips for Setting Up Your Retail Merchant Account

As a new retailer or as a business owner taking on new services through AVPS, the idea of setting up your new account can certainly be stressful.  If you are not computer savvy or if you have dealt with companies that exhibit poor customer support, there can be a lot of worry over how difficult it will be to set everything up and whether or not your system will be fully functional and safe against hackers and fraud when you have it online and ready to go.  At AVPS, we want to make sure that your services are easy to set up and that the entire process goes smoothly for you.  That is why we work hard to help you throughout every step of setting up your retail merchant account.

Business Success with a Retail Merchant Account

A merchant account for retailers is fairly critical to business success.  It enables you to sell your products or services online and to take as many forms of payment as possible.  Some consumers prefer to pay by credit or debit card, while others prefer a check or ACH payment.  Still others might prefer phone payments.  With a merchant account from AVPS, you can offer all of these services with one convenient system.  Best of all, we have a comprehensive training video to help make setup and use a breeze, as well as a highly capable and helpful support team.

Wireless Credit Card Service for Convenience

Our wireless credit card service is a great way to offer your customers multiple payment methods whether you are in your store or selling items at trade shows or kiosks.  We work hard to offer comprehensive options to meet every business need, and we accomplish this by offering not just a wide variety of products, but the ability to set them up and get them running quickly and seamlessly.  Accepting multiple forms of payment shouldn’t have to be an overly costly, difficult, or time consuming process, and when you choose payment processing services through AVPS, we make sure that it isn’t.