On the Move with Your Work? Take advantage of a Wireless Credit Card Service


On the Move with Your Work? Take Advantage of a Wireless Credit Card Service

The Need for Mobile Credit Card Processing

There are many types of businesses that accept credit cards including on line E-commerce companies on the Internet and store front retailers as well as service companies.  But what if your work takes you on the road?  Contractors, repair companies and even those companies who exhibit in trade shows have a need to offer Wireless credit card Services.

Introducing Wireless Credit Card Services for Mobile Businesses

A wireless credit card service is available for those that are mobile.  AVP Solutions makes it easy to process credit cards ‘on the spot’.  Fully secure, you can accept payments by following these steps:

  1. swipe the customer’s credit card
  2. have the customer endorse the purchase on the screen of your mobile device

An emailed receipt will be received by the customer and the funds for the transaction are deposited to your account.  This method is easy and convenient for taxis or limousine services, sporting events, kiosks and in home sales.

Compatibility with Smart Devices

Most current smart phones and tablets are able to handle Mobile Processing of credit cards.  Once you have obtained your AVP Solutions merchant account you can download the appropriate application, plug in your card reader and you are ready to begin accepting credit cards.

Benefits of Mobile Credit Card Processing

Some of the benefits of Mobile Processing are but not limited to:

  1. lower processing rates
  2. saves time
  3. reduction in operating costs
  4. flexibility in receiving payment for your business
  5. payment on the spot
  6. review transactions
  7. export data to your accounting program

Quick Setup and Security Assurance

AVP Solutions can get your wireless credit card service up and running within 24 hours.  AVP’s merchant card processors are fully secure with a state of the art  encryption code.  So, get on the road, complete your work or your sale, get paid immediately, and continue to increase your bottom line.

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