Accept E-Checks to Offer a Simple Option to All Customers

When you accept several forms of electronic reimbursement from customers, more profit possibilities become available. E-checks are one of many ways to provide consumers a better way to pay for the goods or services you offer. This particular payment form can be accepted in person, by phone, through mail, or online. More businesses are utilizing this service to provide customers the ability to perform single or recurring transactions conveniently. Examples of implementation include insurance agencies, collections businesses, clubs, web based businesses, and utility companies. Adding the option to accept e-checks eliminates card fees, late payments, and provides an alternative for customers who do not have a card. It is a highly economical and quick method you can use to handle consumer transactions. Even in today’s credit bound society, many people still do not have plastic. How do they make a payment? They must mail a check, money order, or pay by cash. This adds more steps to your daily processing. Almost every person in the world has a bank account and can have funds directly withdrawn from it. Associated fees are lower than that of card processing as well as fund transfer time.

Check by Phone Services Supply Additional Convenience

How does check by phone work for your customers? The first step in the process is selling something to an individual consumer. They then provide specific check information while on the phone. Information can include their name, address, routing number, account number, and the payment amount. Since check drafting conversations do not have to be recorded, a verbal authorization for the payment is the only requirement. A secure portal is used to enter the acquired data for database storage. At the end of the day, Notes may be included as a reference to each transaction. Checks may be accepted by phone, fax, or web. This service is very beneficial to sales businesses or agents which regularly deal with impulse purchases or collections payments. Entry of the check draft finishes the process and funds are deposited within a short period of time.

Check by phone service removes the frustration of extensive chargebacks. You do not have to wait for customers to mail their checks. Everything conveniently occurs online and deposits are completed the next day. It provides additional payment choices to your customers. Implementing a gateway oriented service eliminates the need for additional software. Setup is simple, easy, and very affordable. Regulations are far less strict than with any other form of processing. Routing number verification is built in to reduce clerical mistakes. When you accept e-checks, you provide non-card customers the opportunity to conveniently make a payment. All mail processing associated costs are also removed from the picture. The gateway allows for easy data entry because all information is entered into a main screen and then duplicated on every page thereafter. This duplication decreases the risk of human error as well as time required to accept payments. Prompts are provided to ensure all data needed to complete the transaction is collected from the customer. AVPS provides many solutions your business can utilize to accept payments by phone.