ACH and How It Can Help Your Business

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ACH and How It Can Help Your Business

Understanding ACH Payments

What is ACH? ACH payments are electronic check payments that many businesses can use to expand their customer base. The Automated Clearing House, which is what ACH stands for, works similarly to a wire transfer but without actually being a wired payment.

The Security and Speed of ACH

ACH is the ideal choice for securely processing check payments from your customers. With ACH, payments are settled within a couple of business days, ensuring you receive your money faster than with traditional check methods.

Benefits of Accepting ACH Payments

There are many benefits for business who accept ACH payments.

Eliminating the Need for Physical Checks

One benefit is that electronic check payments don’t actually require you to have the physical check in hand. This means that you can accept check payments from your customers online.

Expanding Your Online Business

If you have a webs business this can expand your customer base and help create more sales for your company.

Quick Clearance and Efficient Processing

Furthermore, another advantage of ACH is its efficiency in clearing or rejecting payments through the Federal Reserve, a crucial aspect for quick online order processing.

Savings on Chargeback Fees

Processing your check payments electronically can save your business a lot of money in chargeback fees while allowing your customers more payment options.

Partnering with AVP Solutions

When you choose to use AVP Solutions to process your check payments, you are getting the best in payment processing technology and service.

Minimizing Chargebacks and Consolidating Information

AVPS can work to minimize your chargebacks or returns and consolidates all of that information on our database so that you can see this activity on your monthly statement.

Secure Processing for All Business Types

We offer secure electronic check processing as well as credit card processing solutions to online and brick and mortar businesses and we can help you take your sales to the next level.

Learn More About ACH with AVPS

To learn more about how your business can benefit from accepting ACH payments, Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly sales representatives. AVPS is your payment processing solution!