Card Use Expected to Be Up This Holiday Season: Is Your Business Ready?

Projections for credit card use this holiday season continue to be good. The Greensheet, a credit card industry newsletter, recently featured a round-up of projetions, with many saying that this year’s holiday retail sales could top 2011 by upwards of 4 percent. Deloitte LLP estimated that U.S. retailers will rack up over $900 billion dollars of sales between November (which starts today!) and January of 2013. And of that, approximately $36 billion is expected to be “mobile-influenced,” with shoppers using phones and tablets to help locate items, and comparison-shop between them.

The round-up states that a general consensus within the payments industry is “optimistic,” with some indicators that seeds of a robust holiday season were being planted as far back as August, with many merchant portfolios up by 5% from the previous August, and even a discernible uptick in hiring.

Make sure your business is ready to take advantage of the expected rise in consumer spending, and that you’re ready to provide as many payment options as your customers want or need — from on-the-spot processing and mobile payments, to e-checks, and more. AVPS can help you get ready, add to payment options you currently offer, and help make sure all transactions are secure !

The holiday rush is already upon us, and some of that  will be customers “rushing” in your direction! Make sure you’re ready — call AVPS today!

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