Are You Making This Mistake? Does Your Business Accept Checks?


Are You Making This Mistake? Does Your Business Accept Checks?

The Misconception About Checks

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that checks are completely outdated and you don’t need to worry about providing that as a payment options these days. Not having the ability to accepting checks in business could cost you money and the goal of any business is to make money, not lose it.

The Demographic That Still Uses Checks

Many people still use checks, particularly older people, and you could be making a huge mistake by not having the ability to accept checks. Don’t limit your business, or your customers, by forgetting about checks.

The Solution: Online Check Processing

If you’re concerned about bad checks, you can always run your checks online before accepting it as payment. Long gone are the days that you had to simply hope the check clears.

Why Online Businesses Should Accept Checks

If you have an online business, you will want the ability to accept checks online for the same reasons. Providing options always increases your bottom line.

Avoiding Lost Sales

You never want to lose a customer to a competitor because you couldn’t accommodate their preferred payment method. Some people are afraid to give enter their credit card information online (even if it’s secure) and look for the option to pay by check; if they don’t find it, they may very well abandon their shopping cart and look elsewhere.

Increasing Payment Options

You can reduce the risk of losing these transactions by providing a variety of payment options, including checks, so that your customers can use the method they have or are most comfortable with.

How AVP Solutions Can Help

AVP Solutions can help you increase profit by setting you up to accept a variety of payment methods from your customers. We can provide you with many ACH (Automated Clearing House) options and we will help you determine what the best fit for your business is.

Our Commitment to Your Business

Not only will we get you up and running in minimal time, but we take the time to educate and train you. We care about our merchants and we work side-by-side with you for the life of your account. If you’re ready to position yourself to be able to process checks online, contact us today and let us put our 25 years of experience to work for you.