Are You Trying to Start Your Own Business?

Maybe you’re a young man or woman with big dreams, trying to get your first business off the ground. Maybe you’re a middle-aged man or woman determined to finally follow your own dreams of becoming your own boss. Or maybe you’re an existing 1-5 person business trying to grow. You might even be a larger business that simply wants to keep up with all that technology has to offer and utilize it for business growth, convenience, and flexibility. No matter who you are, how small or large your business, or what stage of business you are in, you can benefit from a mobile phone credit card reader.

If you’re just trying to get your business running, you may be selling products or services to friends and family, setting up stands on the side of the road, attending conventions and tradeshows, going door-to-door pitching sales, or running ads online to drum up business. But do you have an easy way to process credit cards like the big businesses do? You can. With a quick application, you too can have access to the same credit card processing as large companies have always had and, even better, you can take it anywhere you go because with mobile phone credit card processing, you just need an account and a credit card swiper for your smart phone.

If you’re an established business that can already accept cards the traditional way, you too can expand, become more flexible, and maybe even save some money using a phone credit card reader. You and your employees can easily sell your services and products from anywhere. Tradeshows and conventions no longer require frustrating credit card processing machine setups, or worse taking cash or check only. Now you can set everyone up to be able to swipe a customer’s credit card and have it go directly into your business account. You can even equip floor staff with this technology to make checking people out faster and easier. Waitresses can now take credit card payments right at the customer’s table. Retail stores can provide more checkout availability to customers anywhere in the store. The opportunities are endless.

If you’re ready to welcome the hottest new technology into your business, and to reap all of the benefits that come with it, give us a call today or submit your application now. We’ll have you all set up in a flash!

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