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Credit Card Dispute

Navigating Credit Card Disputes with AVPS

Understanding the Surge in Credit Card Disputes

Suddenly, there are news stories about credit card dispute everywhere. Fox Business had one about consumer complaints, but those aren’t the same thing. Or rather, we might consider charge disputes a subset of overall “complaints,” which could include everything from bad service to not crediting a payment, and more.

The Complexity Behind Charge Disputes

The NY Times’ money columnist, Ron Lieber, recently wrote a long column on the subject, which took consumers on a behind-the-scenes tour of the processes and mechanisms set in motion once a dispute is lodged. “Several million of these disputes involve outright fraud,” he noted, shedding light on the intricacies of such issues.

The Challenges for Merchants

Lieber continues, explaining the challenges merchants face: carving out time to respond to disputes, paying one-time fees, and possibly facing higher overall fees or being cut off from accepting cards if frequent disputes occur. He also highlights the labor-intensive nature of resolving these disputes, involving manual processes and communication between banks and merchants.

How AVPS Can Help in Credit Card Disputes

As a merchant, you have protections in a credit card dispute. AVPS, partnered with a company providing assistance during disputes, offers several procedures. This includes a review of how the transaction was processed, checking for any credited refunds, and helping to re-present chargeback fees to reclaim funds.

Refunding with Different Payment Methods

Merchants sometimes refund a charge using a different payment method, such as cash or check, which leaves no record on the originating account. AVPS can assist in these situations to ensure proper documentation and processing.

Overpromising and Dispute Liability

AVPS also helps merchants assess if they’re overpromising on products or services, potentially leading to increased disputes. It’s crucial to accurately represent what you’re offering to minimize these issues.

Proactive Measures and Support from AVPS

If you’re facing a charge dispute or want to prepare proactively to minimize such occurrences, contact your AVPS representative today. Discover the range of services available to help you navigate these challenges efficiently.

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