Bad Credit Doesn’t Need to Stop You From Accepting Credit Cards

Poor Credit Rating

Bad Credit Doesn’t Need to Stop You From Accepting Credit Cards

Does Your Business Have a Poor Credit Rating?

Perhaps you own a new business that has yet to establish credit and have a poor credit rating.  Whatever the case may be, it is important to understand that you still have options.  Bad credit does not have to keep you from being able to get the funding you need to expand or improve your business.  A high risk merchant account from a reputable company like AVPS can offer you access to the funding that you need as well as a convenient, affordable way to repay your funding.  Banks are not the only way to fund a business, and the right merchant account can be the right answer for you.

Merchant Account for Bad Credit

A merchant account for bad credit is not the same as personal loans for people in these situations, where interest rates top 600% and you have to pay everything back immediately.  At AVPS, we can help you obtain the funding you need and to pay it back only as you make money.  By repaying your debt through a portion of each credit card transaction that takes place, you are never paying more than you are bringing in.  This allows you to repay your debt more slowly and gives you forgiveness when financial times are tough.

Merchant Account For Wireless Credit Card Service

When you use your merchant account to establish wireless credit card service and other payment gateways, you can make sure that you are equipped to take in payments from customers no matter what form of payment they prefer.  Whether you own an online business or a brick and mortar store, a high risk account with AVPS allows you the ability to get the services you need in order to best meet the needs of your customers.  If you want to learn more about how these high risk accounts work or how we can help you secure funding and the right merchant account for your needs, contact AVPS today.

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