Tips for Safer Online Banking

By and large, the internet has made the transfer of information much faster, and our lives much easier. Banking and transactions are no exception—over half of U.S. adults use online banking for their daily banking tasks.

The Equifax Breach and Your Business

As one of the three major credit monitoring and reporting entities, this organization is tasked with tracking and rating the financial history of consumers.

Breach Days: Equifax and Beyond (updated)

When this post first appeared last summer, we called it “The Breach Days of August,” sounding various alarums from what had…

Importance Of Mobile Credit Card Processing

In the past few years, mobile processing has revolutionized the way in which many business models operate, as well as create an avenue for start-ups to get their proverbial feet wet. For example, we all know that most new businesses fail within the first two years.

How To Prevent Financial Risks When Traveling Or Shopping

We are deep in the heart of the summer travel and shopping seasons, which means more of us are getting out, getting on the road, and exploring new places.

If It’s Wednesday, It Must Be SID4B Training Day! (WebEX Link Inside!)

We’re excited here at AVP Solutions, as Wednesday, April 19th rolls around!
Not because it’s the day after Tax Day…

Credit Card Processing Risk Management Solutions

With summer only a couple of months away, now is a good time for seasonal or tourism-oriented businesses to give additional thought to secure payment processing.

Benefits Of Mobile Processing For Small Business

In the past, the AVPS team has talked about how mobile credit card processing has revolutionized innovative small business models.

Fraud Prevention. Why This Issue Affects All of Us

The issue of secure payment processing is obviously a longstanding battle between banking institutions and thieves, but this…