Are Your Customers About to Get Scrooged? Without the Most Secure Payment Processing, They May Be

Are Your Customers About to Get Scrooged? Without the Most Secure Payment Processing, They May Be

Is your business feeling the holiday pressure yet? As much as we all look forward to this joyful time of year, we also face the stress that comes with it. You focus on inventory, operations, adequate staffing, and pricing, yet you may not realize that both you and your customers face an increasing threat. This is the time of year during which fraud, hacking, and identity theft increase dramatically. Potential thieves know that, with so many customers and transactions, they face the increased likelihood of successfully defrauding both you and your customers. If your business isn’t utilizing the most secure payment processing solutions, you may find yourself, and your valued customers, Scrooged.


How Do I Know If My Business is at Risk?

Your AVP Solutions team specializes in credit card processing risk management solutions, and we can help you determine whether your current payment processing meets the industry standards for safety and security. Your business needs the confidence that your customers’ data is safe, because even if you are not a fault, your customers will still lose confidence in you if they are victim of fraud perpetuated through poor payment processing.  We specialize in the most advanced credit card transaction security technologies, ensuring that you will always meet the best standards, including EMV chip card processing.

Beyond technologies, you also need the right training for both you and your employees to ensure that you know how to use your equipment, the proper procedures, and how to spot suspicious activity. We know that the hustle and bustle of this season can make it difficult to keep up, but simple procedures such as asking for ID during credit transactions every time can deter potential thieves. Your employees need gentle but constant guidance so that they never lose sight of the goal for a fraud-free holiday season. You can even use your commitment to secure payments as a marketing strategy to help bolster customer confidence.

If your business want’s a security check-up in regards to your payment processing, contact an AVPS representative and let us make sure that this holiday season remains happy for both your business and your customers.

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