Turn Credit Card Processing Security into a Customer Confidence Booster

Turn Credit Card Processing Security into a Customer Confidence Booster

Turn Credit Card Processing Security into a Customer Confidence Booster

With so many data breaches in recent years, far too many of your customers have either dealt with identity theft, or the headaches as a result of banks issuing new debit or credit cards just to be safe. In the past, they only had to worry about their credit information in terms of stolen cards or bills, so they have little patience when their information is compromised via a merchant. As a result, your business should, as part of your customer service philosophy, make secure payment processing a top priority. In turn, you can promote your efforts as an additional marketing tool to build customer loyalty.

Tips for Using Credit Card Transaction Security

Here are some tips for using credit card transaction security as a customer confidence booster:

Have the Right Equipment

First, make sure you actually have the right equipment, support, and security measures in place. AVPS can help you determine if you are up-to-date on all industry best practices so that you can stand by your operations with confidence.

Display Any Security Certifications or Emblems

They are readily visible to your customers. This can be a sign at your brick-and-mortar location, an icon on your website, or some other way that visually reinforces for your customers that you are proactive in terms of security.

Training of Staff and Representative

Make sure all of your staff or representatives have basic training on your protocols so they can readily answer questions. Customer confidence is all about preparedness. If even frontline staff can give basic explanations about your security measures, then your customers will perceive your business as proactive and trustworthy.

Vulnerability of Website

Know that any website you have is vulnerable, so you need to focus on transaction security in e-commerce. If your site is not up to industry standards you will look amateurish. AVPS can give you a transaction assessment that will diagnose any weaknesses in your protocols.

Have a Plan if Something Goes Wrong

Just as you have fire drills, emergency exit plans, and earthquake drills, you too should have a plan as to how you would handle any breach, including refund measures and public relations responses.

Best Credit Card Processing Solutions

AVPS knows that you want the best credit card processing risk management solutions. We want to help you transform your security into a selling point. Contact our team and let us help you build customer confidence through innovative security and processing solutions.

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