Debit Card Processing: Closing the Gap between Your Customer Payment Choices

Payment options including debit, credit, and gift cards with a point of sale system and online payment portal.

A debit card offers a payment alternative to credit cards. While many people use credit cards, not everyone can get one. Customers need another convenient way to pay. Processing payments includes more than just credit cards. You can also process debit, gift, and charge cards, both in-store and online.

Debit card transactions work like credit card purchases. The money comes directly from a bank account, usually a checking account. These transactions often need a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and feature logos like MasterCard or Visa. Processing debit cards is similar to credit cards but involves different funding sources.

The fees for processing cards vary. They are usually lower when customers use a PIN keypad. Processing a debit card as a credit card can double the fees. To get a lower rate, customers must enter their PIN. This is crucial for businesses with physical stores.

Internet Merchant Account: Options for Customers

An internet merchant account handles online payments. The fees for processing debit and credit cards online are the same. Online transactions don’t use PINs, so debit cards are processed like credit cards. Customers must enter their card details for the transaction to go through.

You can also offer electronic check services online. These draw funds directly from a bank account and have lower fees than credit card processing. However, many customers prefer the convenience of using cards. Offering credit card payments online is essential. Without it, customers might shop elsewhere.

Online shoppers want payment options. By offering multiple payment methods, including debit card processing online and in-store, you cater to more customers. For those without credit or who prefer using their own money, this is especially important. Adding an electronic check option provides an extra convenience.

AVPS offers a variety of internet and in-store payment solutions. Our team can help you choose the best account and services for your business.