Save Space, Go Mobile & Get Paid—Are Phone Credit Card Readers Right for Your Organization?

Save Space, Go Mobile & Get Paid—Are Phone Credit Card Readers Right for Your Organization?

Maximize Efficiency, Embrace Mobility & Earn Profits:

Is the Future of Your Business Linked to Merchant Mobile Credit Card Processing?

In both our homes and our offices, lack of space often becomes an issue despite our best organizational efforts. At AVP Solutions, we know that our partners want the best in secure payment solutions, but sometimes, a conventional credit card reader just won’t work for merchant mobile credit card Processing. They may not want the physical footprint of a traditional machine, or they find the technical set-up and cords to be too cumbersome for their space. We understand that not every merchant account holder is a brick-and-mortar store. In modern commerce, a variety of institutions now need the ability to accept credit cards, like medical offices, utility companies, churches, schools, and even on-the-go service providers.

Whether you need to get set up to accept credit card payments, or you’re frustrated with the way your current equipment takes up space, AVPS offers phone credit card readers that combine the best of both worlds; you’ll be able to accept debit and credit card payments, just from the slim, mobile convenience of your smart phone.

Advantages by Adding Merchant Mobile Credit Card Payment Processing:

  • For organizations that need the ability to process credit cards but don’t anticipate frequent, daily use, a mobile phone processor allows you to avoid a complicated set-up that takes up needed space. This option serves organizations like schools, churches, and similar groups as an ideal payment processing compromise.
  • Mobile-based businesses and service providers absolutely benefit from the addition of a mobile card reader. For example, air conditioner repair services, contractors, and plumbers can get paid on-site instead of waiting and hoping checks clear. They gain the confidence of instant, guaranteed payment. Even food delivery services benefit from the ability to complete transactions at their customer’s convenience.
  • Mobile processing expands business opportunities. Your brick-and-mortar store gains the ability to try new things, like participating in community events and parking-lot flash sales.

AVPS believes that mobile technologies, when leveraged securely and correctly, provide true solutions for modern credit card processing. From their space-saving design to their genuine convenience, mobile credit card readers offer our partners added benefits to their merchant accounts. Discover our mobile processing solutions by calling our representative today at 1-800-719-9198!

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