Grow Your Business with Mobile Payment Processing

Mobile Payment Processing

Grow Your Business with Mobile Payment Processing

Embrace the Digital Era

Gone are the days when building a customer base and making transactions with them meant having to interact face to face and accepting only cash. Imagine being able to connect with customers across the globe, providing services on location, and avoiding paper billing. Mobile payment processing is a step not just toward bringing your business into modern times, but also growing that business, expanding your customer base, and reaching new levels of success.

Embrace Digital Payments

If your business has the reputation of only accepting cash, you are likely losing business on a daily basis. You may not realize this, but your online payment acceptance policy might also be isolating potential new customers. While there’s a close connection between having a website and integrating online credit card payments, it’s vital to recognize that not everyone possesses a credit card when making choices to buy products or services from your site. It’s important to inform potential customers that you also welcome online check payments, providing an opportunity for those without credit cards to access your offerings.

Expand with Mobile Credit Card Payments

For even greater versatility and growth potential for your business, take the ability to accept payments with you, on the go. The ability to accept mobile credit card payments expands your client potential even further. Mobile payments make it possible for established and potential clients to make purchase decisions and pay immediately, no matter where they happen to be.

Convenience on the Go

For you, mobile processing means never having to be limited to staying in your store, studio, or other physical location just so you can accept payments. Not all of your potential customers will always have their mobile devices with them, and some may not be comfortable putting their payment information into their phone or tablet.

A Tiny Device, Big Opportunities

However, you can still make “anywhere” your place of business and give your customers peace of mind using an iPhone credit card reader. This tiny device attaches directly to your iPhone and acts like a credit card terminal you use at nearly any store. Just swipe your customer’s card, let them use a stylus to sign the screen, and go about your way. The money goes directly into your account and you can use it within 24 – 48 hours.

Elevate Your Business

From being able to accept payments onsite to making it easier for customers to make purchases without cash, mobile payment processing takes your business to the next level. Get in touch with us to discuss your business, and let us help you create a payment processing plan to help you reach your goals.

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