Handling Checks Online Is Easy with the Right Business Services Company

Are you worried about accepting checks as online payment due to concerns over identity theft or returned payments?  If so, you certainly aren’t alone, but failure to ignore the number of people looking to pay with their checking accounts also means overlooking a sizable segment of the online shopping community.  Credit cards may be popular, but many users are hesitant to enter their data online and are looking for a means of payment that allows them to accurately balance their budget without having to calculate things like interest.  Simply put, if your business doesn’t accept checks online, you could be losing money.

Thankfully, by choosing the right merchant services company, you can accept and process checks online without having to worry.  Utilizing ACH payments means ensuring that checking accounts are checked against national databases as well as for funding before they are approved.  Add to this the fact that payments clear quickly and fully before orders need to be processed and you can see how acceptance offers benefits to you while presenting more options to your customers.  The right company won’t just give you the software needed to accept checks, they will also give you the knowledge you need to use it and the confidence that both your business and your customers are protected by the best available security features.

With AVP Solutions, handling online checks is easy.  Our systems use state of the art technology in order to ensure that a check is valid and that funds are available before offering approval, and our systems make it easy to download and sort your payment data.  We offer great encryption and other fraud prevention measures, while also providing a level of customer support that will leave you feeling confident from the minute you first contact us.  Accepting checks is important in today’s business world, and we want to make it easy.

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