Happy Small Business Week!

Here at AVPS solutions, we salute all our customers celebrating National Small Business Week! Started in 1963 by President Kennedy, “one thing that hasn’t changed,” according to the latest White House statement, “is America’s entrepreneurial spirit and the important role that small business owners play in our economy and our communities.”

Some tips from what larger business can learn from smaller ones, about customer service, is running on the Forbes website this week, and includes such insightful pieces of advice as always having passion for what you do, and making sure “everyone in the company is part of the customer service team.”

“If the only folks who care about customer service in your organization are the people with ‘customer service’ in their title,” the article states, “you’ll never make raving fans out of your customers.”

And an article at Pymnts.com — a news source for the payments industry — reminds us of the importance of small business in the overall economy, saying “in fact, small businesses represent 99.7 percent of all employer firms in the U.S., and employ about half of all private sector employees.”

That article interviews MasterCard’s VP for Global Commercial Products, who says “Small business are more nimble, opportunistic and responsive to change than their larger counterparts. “They can more quickly act on new technological breakthroughs and marketplace needs, and create products and services that meet those needs.”

The VP, Eugene DaSilva, talked up the importance of card-based purchasing, especially for small businesses outside the U.S., where payment cards can often be helpful when credit itself isn’t available.

And while many of his insights are understandably MasterCard-specific, he noted that the innovation provided by small business are “embraced throughout the world.” The trick again, is for those businesses to insure an increasing array of payment options for their customers, as they continue to expand, and as the purchasing options for those customers become more mobile.

Let AVPS help make your Small Business Week even better, by exploring the range of secure payment options we now offer you — from prepaid to on-the-spot processing, and more. Get in touch with your AVPS rep today — and have a very big “small”  week!

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