How do I get a Merchant Account for my New Business?


How do I get a Merchant Account for my New Business?

Overcoming the Challenges of Starting a New Business

Sometimes it seems that the system doesn’t work for the new guy on the block. Obstacles seem to be everywhere to prevent you from starting your new business. Financing, government regulations, business plans, and upfront costs all contain their own hurdles that must be overcome in order to get your business off the ground for merchant account solutions. For comprehensive information on navigating these challenges, visit the U.S. Small Business Administration website.

Finding the Right Help

But if you look in the right places, there are people who can help.  AVP Solutions is willing to set up a merchant account for new business that will allow you to process payments and expenses electronically.  The ability to accept credit cards, process checks and receive online payments is a key element in making point of purchase easy and convenient for your customers.

Merchant Account Solutions from AVP Solutions

There are many merchant account solutions available from AVP Solutions including a high risk merchant account.  These usually consist of businesses that cater to adult-oriented businesses such as:

  1. adult sites and products
  2. adult stores
  3. dating services
  4. lotteries
  5. travel and rental car
  6. pawn shops
  7. infomercials

Many other businesses fall into the high risk category but are too numerous to mention in this space.  You can check with an AVP Solutions representative to determine if you meet the criteria to be classed as high risk.

Competitive Processing Fees and Benefits

Processing fees through a high risk merchant account are very competitive compared to industry standards.  And you still receive all of the benefits that go with an AVP Solutions merchant account.  The application process is fast and easy and you can usually be set up to receive credit card payments, process checks and accept online payments within 24 hours.

Experience and Reliability with AVP Solutions

AVP Solutions has 25 years experience with providing secure and fast payment solutions for a multitude of businesses.  Contact AVP Solutions today for a free consultation at 800-719-9198 and make sure that you take advantage of all sales opportunities.