Make the Most of your Sales with a Website Merchant Account

For parts of the last two decades, hundreds of millions of dollars have been transacted through the Internet and millions of people have gotten wealthy by positioning themselves in a relatively new way of doing business.  The trend continues today and there has never been more need for a business merchant provider to help your business with online payment services and overall guidance in transacting business electronically.

Being able to promote your business entails having the resource tools for payment through an E-commerce merchant account.  AVP Solutions has been an industry leader for the past 25 years in setting up small and large businesses with a payment facilitation program that increases sales and bottom line profits.

A website merchant account is required to facilitate the ease with which your customers can pay through credit card, e-checks, debit and online payment.  Making the different choices available gives your customer a feeling of convenience and makes it simple to make the purchase from your site.

A wide range of services are available from AVP Solutions to enhance the purchase power of your website product or service including:

  1. E-commerce merchant account
  2. Online check processing
  3. Telephone or Mail order merchant account
  4. Mobile  Processing merchant account

Providing a secure environment protected by state of the art encryption coding, AVP Solutions is able to help you offer a convenient transaction for your customer and turn around the payment to you very quickly.  Best of all, AVP has some of the most competitive processing fees in the business.

With your e-commerce merchant account you can process a credit card transaction in ‘real time’.  There are many fraud protection options available and our 128 bit SSL will give you peace of mind in knowing that your transaction information is secure.

Trust your merchant account to AVP Solutions, a proven provider in online payment services and rest easy.  Earn your money and watch your bottom line grow.

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